Friday, 8 May 2015

Hexagons quilt

Well this one took a long time!  I love the colours, and hexagons are my favourite shape, so that doesn't matter.

It's based on Science Fair (Jaybird quilts), but I wanted use my left-over Kaffe Fasset shot cottons, which were all muted colours from a sample pack.  (I used all the bright colours in this star quilt). There are a few spotty prints mixed in there too.
I also chose my own size for the quilt - maybe the only thing I did the same as Science Fair is the construction method!

The negative space is a khaki chambray from Village Haberdashery in London, which may no longer be in stock.  The backing is a Kaffe shot cotton, possibly called Blueberry.

I quilted in straight lines about an inch apart on the negative space, to keep the quilt soft.  On each hexagon I quilted six radiating lines, and a circle at the edge.  This quilting is not so obvious on the front, but stands out nicely on the back.

Very pleased with the colour scheme on this one!  One final summery picture!

Friday, 1 May 2015

Zip top purse on Village Habby blog

Today is the first time I've had something I made featured on another blog - in this case, The Daily Stitch which is the blog of the Village Haberdashery in London, run by Annie Barker.

Featured is a zip-top purse I recently designed, shown here made with Essex Linen and other yummy fabrics which Annie sent me for this project:

Particular features to note are the wide opening at the top, and TWO pockets inside!!  One slip pocket, one zip pocket.

You can customise the exterior however you want, and even change the inside pockets around to suit whatever purpose you have in mind.

You can find the tutorial here - zip top purse tutorial.  If you have any questions or comments, do get in touch - I'd love to see what you make!

Vicky x
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