Monday, 8 July 2013

Next quilt on my list... this beauty from Julie at Jaybird Quilts.

I'm a scientist when I'm not quilting and I love that this quilt combines both. Those hexagons could be just hexagons - one of the oldest patchwork shapes we know - or they could be any number of things in the world of science: how about benzene rings, phenolic groups, bee honeycomb, crystals, part of a DNA helix, a constellation....any suggestions?!

At the moment I can't decide if I like the white background or the grey. My sister has requested one in grey, so maybe I'll start with that and see whether to repeat it for myself or go white! But first, of course, there are other projects to tidy up. . .

(PS I asked Julie if I could post this photo with a link but I haven't heard back from her in the five weeks since I asked, so I'm cautiously going ahead with this post!)

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