Sunday, 15 September 2013

Not orange peel - quilted, finished, loved

At last, it's done!  I've finished machine quilting Not Orange Peel, and am really, really pleased with it!
Here are a few pics taken when I'd finished the quilting but before I'd trimmed and bound the edges.


The quilting pattern was inspired by a tree, with branches flowing and dividing organically. It starts in a bottom corner, and flows up and across the quilt, curving right back on itself at the bottom and the right edges. I quilted with Guterman 100% cotton, as I couldn't get to the quilt shop to get a big reel of anything like Aurifil.


Here's the back, which is my favourite Flea Market Fancy print, plus a rainbow border made from one piece of every colour I used on the front.



And here's the binding, ready to go on - lovely pale spots! (it's a print I used in the background of the front quite a bit)


To follow very soon - pics of the completed quilt (just as soon as I can get it away from my daughter's bed, it was made for her and she really loves it already - what more could I ask?)


  1. Hi!! I think your quilt is really nice. The stem idea was great! Can´t wait to see it finished.

  2. My daughter, who is expecting her first girl, requested that I make a baby quilt similar to your Orange Peel quilt. I'm curious to know how big each of the "leaf" blocks are on your quilt.

  3. Hi Bunny, my leaf blocks are 11cm finished. I made them slightly oversize and trimmed each to a 13cm square after stitching both background sections onto the leaf shape (yes I machine pieced this whole quilt! but it would work as well doing applique). If I made this quilt again I would leave a bigger margin on one side of each block, to avoid having to insert the narrow strips that separate the columns of leaves. Good luck with your quilt, I'd love to see it when it's finished x
    PS hope you saw the final post about this quilt with pictures of the whole front?

    1. This is so helpful. Maching-piecing those leaves does sound like a better way to go rather than applique (which was my original plan) since this quilt will probably be washed quite a few times. The baby is due in February so I'll let you know how this turns out!

      And yes, I've checked out all your posts on this quilt. Gorgeous!


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