Thursday, 13 March 2014

A hot mat for the kitchen

For a quick, quilty fix, I made a new mat for the kitchen last week.

This fish was inspired by the lovely drawings on Syko's blog.  (And by the way, the long gap since my last post is due to all my spare time being spent working on a quilt which will hopefully appear in a magazine later this year!)

I pieced together some scraps of leftover quilt batting for this mat, enough to make two layers. Then I sewed the fish onto a piece of linen layered onto one piece of batting, and quilted the backing fabric onto the second piece.

After, I cut both to the same size and sewed them right sides together. To finish, turn right side out, stitch opening closed, and topstitch. One mat, ready for a hot pan or dish in the kitchen - and washable!

These look like they would make good little presents - Mother's Day is coming up, and I have friends moving into a new house they're building soon, so I think I'll be making more.

P.S. If you use Instagram, I'm now on there - frosterleybazaar.

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