Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Bloggers Quilt Festival - baby bunting quilt

Well this is the first time I've been organised enough to get anything entered into the Bloggers Quilt Festival which Amy's Creative Side is hosting. Such a great idea for a quilt festival I think!

I'm hoping to enter two quilts, and this is the first - a fairly small, hand-quilted one, in the Hand Quilted category. This quilt was made before I was a blogger, so this is also the first post about it. I did put photos of it on Flickr when it was finished, but took some new ones too for this festival.


Inspiration for this quilt came from a jelly roll I had never done anything with. I decided to put similar-colour strips together, then cut them into bunting. I did some rapid learning about how to sew triangles into straight rows too! I didn't have an overall plan to start with, so I made some bunting, joined it to white triangles, and stood back to have a look. To string the bunting I added Kona Sage strips - I pretty much made this quilt how I make most of my quilts, making them up as I go along, with no definite idea of how things will turn out!


Once the piecing was done and I'd chosen a backing, I hand quilted around the flags, along the top strips, and then in-between the flags with waves, to suggest them fluttering in the wind. All the quilting was done on a traditional frame with DMC perle cotton. The perle is lovely to work with, once you've found a needle which is fine and short enough to quilt with, but has a big enough eye to take the chunky thread.



Can't remember how long it took to quilt, but it was less time than the double-bed size one I'd hand quilted previously! Here's a picture of the entire front and back:



And one last picture for you showing the bunting, the quilting and the back. Enjoy the quilt festival!


Baby bunting quilt
Category: Hand quilted quilts
Machine pieced
Hand quilted with DMC perle thread


  1. A pretty and fun quilt! I love the wave quilting!

  2. Very cute! Love your 'wind' quilting!

  3. Oh so pretty! I just finished my first 60 degree triangle quilt and I love how you made yours. Great ideas on putting that green strip along the edge of each.

  4. Beautiful bright colours and I love how you hand quilted this using a mix of outline and wavy lines.


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