Monday, 7 July 2014

Summer Leaf on the cover!

Look what's on the cover of Quilty magazine's latest issue! Yes, it's Not Orange Peel! (cunningly re-named 'Summer Leaf' by Quilty magazine).

I was so excited when I pulled this out of its envelope - and inside, there are instructions for how to make your own version of this quilt, including full-size templates for the block pieces, fabric requirements and construction steps. (Edited to add: I had an email from someone who was making this, who noticed that the instructions are slightly wrong - they suggest sewing the background pieces to the leaves in the wrong order, which will leave you with a raw edge on the right side of the block. Do a test one, and swap the order! Please contact me if you need further help with this).

This (below) is the version of the quilt I ended up sending to America to be photographed - slightly smaller than the original but pretty much the same colours. I couldn't have sent the original, just in case it went missing in action, so I had to find all the same fabrics again and make this one! It was much faster, as I was copying an existing quilt, and I modified the pattern to use fewer background pieces.

Edited to add: The quilt shown below is for sale - please contact me by leaving a comment or sending an email if you're interested in buying it. Or, see the Shop page.  The quilt size is 'small single'.

Here are links to all my posts about this quilt:
:: Choosing fabric, then experimenting (and failing) with machine sewing orange peel blocks: Not orange peel
:: Finished piecing and ready to quilt: Ready to quilt
:: Finished quilting: Quilted, finished, loved
:: Completely finished quilt: Orange peel

If you're making, or you've finished, a quilt from this pattern I'd love to see it - please leave me a comment or send a link to your Flickr stream etc.

And lastly, just because we are enjoying some really beautiful summer weather, here are some completely fabulous wild pansies, spotted up at Killhope museum...

My posts about Not Orange Peel will be re-posted very soon have now been re-posted!
Vicky x


  1. Just saw your quilt over on Flickr - gorgeous!!! I will have to see if I can get the magazine :)

    1. Thanks Amy - I'm not sure if we can get the magazine in UK (I think you are in UK?). I am considering whether I can release the pattern myself once the Quilty thing is over...

  2. Your quilt is gorgeous! Congratulations! : )

  3. Your quilt is the reason I bought the magazine!

  4. How can I find this pattern now, Jan 2015?

    1. This pattern is available on the Quilty magazine website, where you can buy it as a digital download for $6.95. Go to


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