Thursday, 11 February 2016

Handmade Windsor chair

Today's is a guest post!
Actually, it's written by me, but it features something made by my husband.  He has been making a Windsor chair, which is at our dining room table and is really beautiful - here it is!


All of this chair is made of ash (Fraxinus), a wood traditionally used for furniture because of its strength, lightness and fine grain.


The seat is shaped using a bandsaw, then contoured with hand and power tools.  Drilling the holes for the angled legs and back spindles caused a little light swearing!


The back crest is made from a flat piece of wood, steamed and bent around a former.  Curving it like this makes the chair very comfy.  The upright back spindles are shaved from cleft green ash, giving them a lovely light appearance.


Mike's plan is to make these chairs to order, and the first ones should be available later this year (2016).  Do get in touch if you're interested!

Vicky xx

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