Thursday, 11 April 2013

Snawheid mash-up!

A while ago I downloaded Kate Davies' Snawheid knitting pattern, ordered some Jamieson & Smith jumper weight yarn, and knitted this lovely hat:



My head seems to be bigger than average (!), so I added in a couple of extra snowflakes to the straight rounds and did a bit more decreasing before I started on the mega-flake on the crown.
It was a great pattern, easy to follow, and the snowflake motif is truly lovely.  So lovely in fact that I was inspired to use it again, combined with another pattern, to knit some fingerless mittens.

I based the mittens on Mary Rourke's Lusekofte-sque mitts pattern, available as a free download from Ravelry, mashing up her border motif with the snawheid motif to make my design.  I also (after reading a tip from someone else on Ravelry) moved the end of the round onto the palm (which I'm leaving plain), thus hiding the pattern discontinuity on a less obvious piece of the mitten.

This was my first attempt at working out how to fit a pattern motif onto a piece of knitting and it took a few attempts to get everything sorted.  The double cuff and double edge look like they're going to make these really cosy!
Watch out for some photos of my new mittens soon!

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