Friday, 10 June 2016

Stripy socks

A few days ago, I started some sock knitting - just for something to do while camping up in Fife, as I hadn't taken anything with me.

I bought Coop knits sock wool in two colours, and Jawool in a mustardy colour, and borrowed some needles (thankyou Katherine).  I'm using the Artesano Wuru free sock pattern, which starts at the toe - find it here!



To start with, I had to learn how to do a closed toe cast on (there's plenty of advice on this from Mr Google).  My sock toes, heels and cuffs will be mustard-colour, with two-colour, two-row stripes in between.


Above, I've just started knitting the blue stripes after the toe!
And below, is a beautiful red campion which was growing by our tent - June is "30 days wild" month, run by the British Wildlife Trusts.  They challenge you to do something wild every day in June! Sign up here.


Go wild!
Sock update soon,
Vicky xx

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